Half The World: Archives and Commentary

I was so sad when I heard of the band Half The World breaking apart. As part of the heavy metal and dark metal community, is always a shame when bands break apart. It seems as though underground success is impossible in terms of financial gains, so a heavy-metal/dark-metal/dark-rock band has to either go mainstream and betray their early fans or break apart and disintegrate the band. In fact I can only thing of a couple of metal-music bands that have been able to survive by basing themselves purely in the underground scene. The problem is that the good metal bands starting have a much higher chance to be over in a couple of years than to have a long term career in the music industry.

As I like the underground scene and underground bands, here is a recompilation of the last days of Half The World by themselves. I want to use my site to offer a melancholic testimony of what a great band Half The World was and how easy it is for a band to simply disintegrate.

Previous Updates of Half The World:

Sorry about the lack of an update for awhile. There have been a few shows locally in Boise during the winter but mostly we have been concentrating on writing and recording for the new album. The album is about half way done and we have two completed songs ready. If you email us asking to hear the new songs we’ll be happy to email you mp3’s of them!

The band is continuing to crank away on the new album. Instrumental tracks have been laid down for about half the album and vocal album_coverrecording will begin this week. Final shaping of writing and producing on the remaining half of the album continues to be the focus. Live shows are posted on the tour page on this site and are limited to local venues for the time being while recording continues.

Half The World has signed a distribution deal with Hellion Records to promote their album “Bigger Than You” throughout the country of Brazil. Half The World has been chosen as “Artist of the Week” beginning 2/14/05 at one of the music industry’s leading A&R websites: Hitquarters.com

Half The World has four songs charting in the top 20 out on Altsounds.com in the Nu-Metal, Hard Rock, Power-pop and Post Rock genres. Check their charts and help us out with some downloads!

Half The World is busy at work in the studio recording their second album. Drums guitars and bass have been laid down on four songs.

Half The World is heading into the studio on Monday Feb. 21 2005 to begin recording the new album! No live shows booked right now, but there will be some coming up soon and they will be posted here and on the mailing list. Send us an email to get on the mailing list:

HALF THE WORLD’S song FRAGILE has been chosen along with 12 other artists out of over 300 competing bands to be featured by ROCKER GIRL MAGAZINE on their yearly “DISCOVERIES COMPILATION CD”. The CD and a feature article on the band will be released during 2005.

HALF THE WORLD’S NEW ALBUM “BIGGER THAN YOU” IS DONE ! IT’S AVAILABLE NOW (p.s. not anymore unfortunately). We will be backing our new album with a new regional tour. We will post the dates of all tours once we can confirm them all and we’ll post them online. We have posted sample of the new album which can be heard online and at supporting sites (no longer available).

Archive Commentary:

If there are any fans of Half The World, feel free to post in the comments your experiences and thoughts about the band.