Paganism and the Occult: Diane

One night at Christmas time 3 years ago, Mike and I were sitting in a pub in Porlock, North Devon. Needless to say, we’d had a few pints of the local brew and were having a good old chat about life, the universe and everything.

In the course of our conversation I was trying to express the feelings I’d had for a long while – that I felt a great affinity for nature and all things natural. I felt that there must be another way of celebrating this other than through the ‘normal’ Christian religion (which all through my life has never meant very much to me). What I wanted, I said, was a nature based ‘religion’ – I wasn’t even sure if it had to be a religion, I just knew that there must be an alternative that was right for me.

I feel very spiritual when out in a wood, or walking on the Downs – a few years ago I spent a lot of time with the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers in and around Hastings. I said that, for some time now, I had wanted to explore that side of my life. I was delighted to find that Mike also shared these feelings with me.

Now, here we are, after many trials & tribulations and a great deal of help from our friends, running the Green Man!

I am a Junior School teacher in charge of 35 lively 11 year old kids at a Langney school. It’s a job that takes all of my time and energy at the moment, and consequently I feel that I am unable to develop my path as I would like. I get the feeling I’m at the beginning of a long, slow journey towards self discovery with my legs tied together – it is a frustrating time for me because I want cut free and run! Perhaps it’s a good thing that I can’t rush at it… but what keeps me going is that I know that one day in the future (not too far away I hope) I’ll join Mike in the running of the Green Man shop. In any event, I look forward to the opportunities that seem to be rapidly opening up to explore the pagan path that I’m now firmly on.

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